Have you ever been in a position where you have tried everything to free yourself of:

  • habits such as addictions
  • feeling low or anxious often
  • reacting to things that make you feel bad later
  • succumbing to despair or hopelessness when you realize something you thought had changed has in fact, not changed
  • anger and hostility toward loved ones
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • the need to constantly prove yourself
  • feeling that the world is out to get you, you have bad luck or bad karma
  • feeling stuck in relationships, careers, or finances with low creativity, joy, and purpose
  • feeling unhealthy in the body and lacking vibrancy and clarity

If the answer to any of the above is a yes, the Renegade Method™ may be the answer.

The Renegade Method™ is a systematic process of inquiry that takes us through a simple, algorithmic process to access the deepest parts of the mind where strategic questions and reflections are gently placed. These parts of the mind are usually unconscious or subconscious, accounting for nearly 80% of all the decisions we make as human beings. The subconscious mind is the boss of our behavior, the way we think and feel, and the way our life unfolds before our very eyes.

Even when we think we are making wise and logical decisions, this is usually not the case.

Think of an iceberg, most of which lies hidden under the surface.

Logic comes from the conscious mind, which is like the tip of the iceberg - it mostly deals with the weight and mass of the subconscious mind by giving convenient meaning to its contents. We spend our lives making sense and giving meaning to how we think, feel, and act without being empowered to go into the depths of the subconscious to question deeply held (and absolutely false) assumptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world. Instead, we use logic to try to explain away how we think, feel, and act. However, logic only helps us cope. The mass of the subconscious mind continues to drive the bus of our lives, continuously giving feedback in the way we feel about our lives, careers, relationships, purpose, joy, fulfillment, health, wellness, vibrancy, creativity, and everything else.

Unless we cultivate the ability to dive under the surface and deal with the mass of the iceberg, we will remain stuck in our ways, meekly (or angrily) explaining away why we can't move forward.

The Renegade Method™, An Immersive Retreat: Seattle WA, July 2023

The Renegade Method™ Retreat

The Renegade Method™ is developed to go from the logic of the conscious mind to the murky and often muddled subconscious mind, pull through the threads that hold together the false assumptions that lead to pain and suffering, and shine the light of awareness into those dark and forgotten areas to emerge being enough, fulfilled, self-actualized and joyful.

In this 3-day immersive retreat, we will explore the Renegade Method™ as it is useful to you. Once you learn how to work with it, you can then apply it to any life circumstance (we will teach you when to apply it - which is, all the time). Armed with this tool, you will leave empowered for having understood some of the root causes of unhappiness and how to address them directly so that you open progressively to joy, vibrancy, and sweetness in all aspects of life.

Where: Courtyard Marriott- Downtown/South Lake Union, Seattle WA
Dates: July 14-16, 2023
Cost: $1600

The cost includes breakfast and dinner on Friday and Saturday, July 14 and 15, and breakfast on Sunday, July 16, as well as snacks. It does not include travel to the retreat location or accommodations.

There will be no online option for this retreat. The retreat materials including handouts will be available on the Ruzuku course platform for download and use.

There are no refunds within 30 days of the event.

Why The Renegade Method™ is useful for Mental Health Therapists:

Mental Health Therapists and healthcare providers work with the body and mind through a variety of tools and approaches. The Renegade Method™ is a powerful and effective tool to support healthcare practitioners to understand and work with their own subconscious mind in order to be even more effective at working with the mental and physical health of others.

In this retreat, you will:

  • Learn simple and effective tools to apply when feeling overwhelmed both personally and professionally.
  • Work with practical and logical approaches that cut through sentimentality and rumination.
  • Learn an innovative and comprehensive approach to treating trauma.
  • Understand the role of the nervous system when people are stuck in conditioned responses.
  • Learn mindfulness tools for emotional regulation.
  • Understand the role of the physical body in moving through trauma and stress toward resilience and growth.

*Please note that this method cannot be taught by retreat participants to others. No materials from this activity can be shared in any setting.* This retreat and the materials are for your personal use only. Thank you for understanding. It is required that you work directly with the material to integrate it yourself before applying it to others. That being said, applying the tools of RM in your own experience will deeply impact the work you are doing with others.

What you'll learn

  • Simple and effective tools to apply when feeling overwhelmed both personally and professionally.
  • Mindfulness tools for emotional regulation.
  • Practical and logical approaches that cut through sentimentality and rumination.
  • The role of the physical body in moving through trauma and stress toward resilience and growth.
  • Innovative and comprehensive approach to treating trauma.
  • How to bring joy into life.

“The Renegade Method™ has opened up space for more acceptance of who I am. It has awakened my curiosity about all possibilities of being alive with less judgment of my own feelings and thinking. It has given me the tools to stand on my own power. “

Adriana Allietti Lima
Current Student of RM

Some kind words from former students

Here's what others have to say about this retreat.

“It was life-changing, and completely blew up my limited perspective on who I was and showed me that I am so much greater than I'd dared to dream."

- Shri

“The clarity was unexpected, astounding, more than I could possibly imagine and I know there are layers and layers of clarity that will continue to emerge from this time. It is powerful to be able to go to the root with whatever contraction arises and to apply the tools to those roots to not stay in "healing" but to actually heal.”

- Laura H.

“It has helped me work with long ingrained patterns and emotions. I want to work as well as create space for my contractions and continually work to experience these contractions in my body and not my mind.”

- Chitra

“ RM keeps coming back to change our perspective. The empowerment/ responsibility lens is one I have not seen anywhere else and is one element that I think is pretty critical.“

- Joanne T.

“The Renegade Method is such a potent, active, distilled essence of attending to what arises in ordinary everyday life experience. I feel it not as a practice to be engaged *in* life, but rather *as* life. The Renegade Method algorithm is actively providing a depth of clarity in virtually every area of my life. Huge gratitude, and excitement.”

- Don Jones

“Literally, this has been a total RESET-REBIRTH. A laser-like tool that works if you are willing to get out of Life’s way and let her do her business. Empowerment from the inside-out. This is permeating all - beliefs, behaviors, memories, patterns systematically eviscerated. By using the practical algorithm, we can transform from tame and domesticated to untamed and wild!“

- Maria Belén

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for anyone that wants to sincerely delve into the source of their suffering.

Are there continuing education credits offered?

Yes, CEs are offered for mental health therapists for an extra fee. We will share the process for obtaining CE credits at the retreat.

Will I be able to facilitate this work after the retreat?

While this retreat will enable you to help others, it is not meant to be a certification course for facilitation, which requires more extensive work.

About the instructor

Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine and is the author of The Heart of Wellness (Sfaim Press, 2020), Shakti Rising (Non-duality Press, October 2017), which won the Nautilus Gold Award for Best Books of 2017, Glorious Alchemy: Living the Lalitā Sahasranāma (New Sarum Press, 2020) and Fractals of Reality: Living the Śrīcakra (Sfaim Press, 2022). She is the creator of The Renegade Method™, a powerful tool for self-inquiry.