The Basic Tools of The Renegade Method™

Online Course

Have you ever been in a position where you have tried everything to free yourself of:

  • habits such as addictions
  • feeling low or anxious often
  • reacting to things that make you feel bad later
  • succumbing to despair or hopelessness when you realize something you thought had changed has in fact, not changed
  • anger and hostility toward loved ones
  • feelings of unworthiness
  • the need to constantly prove yourself
  • feeling that the world is out to get you, you have bad luck or bad karma
  • feeling stuck in relationships, careers, or finances with low creativity, joy, and purpose
  • feeling unhealthy in the body and lacking vibrancy and clarity

If the answer to any of the above is a yes, the Renegade Method™ may be the answer.

The Renegade Method™ is a systematic process of inquiry that takes us through a simple, algorithmic process to access the deepest parts of the mind where strategic questions and reflections are gently placed. These parts of the mind are usually unconscious or subconscious, accounting for nearly 80% of all the decisions we make as human beings. The subconscious mind is the boss of our behavior, the way we think and feel, and the way our life unfolds before our very eyes.

Even when we think we are making wise and logical decisions, this is usually not the case.

Think of an iceberg, most of which lies hidden under the surface.

$ 49
  • POINT videos
  • POINT handouts
  • The Renegade Meditation


POINT refers to:

  • Pause
  • Observe
  • Inquire
  • Notice
  • Tell the Truth
  • A guided meditative self-inquiry video

POINT is the foundational tool for the deep work of The Renegade Method™. Even as a stand-alone teaching, it will provide you with powerful tools to disengage from any situation causing stress, anxiety, overwhelm, or confusion and examine it with the light of contemplative awareness and mindfulness.

The cost includes videos and handouts.

No refunds after enrollment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for? 

This course is designed for anyone that wants to sincerely delve into the source of their suffering.


Are there continuing education credits offered?

Yes, continuing education credits (CEUs) are available to national and international mental health professionals. All other disciplines should check directly with their boards to see if this retreat qualifies for CEUs. Details on the number of credit hours, process and fees will be provided upon sign-up.
“The Renegade Method™ has opened up space for more acceptance of who I am. It has awakened my curiosity about all possibilities of being alive with less judgment of my own feelings and thinking. It has given me the tools to stand on my own power. “
Adriana Allietti Lima
Current Student TRM
About the instructor

Kavitha Chinnaiyan, MD

Dr. Chinnaiyan is a cardiologist and professor of medicine with extensive interest, research, and experience in understanding the heart-mind connection. She is published in peer-reviewed journals and gives talks on this topic at international scientific meetings. She developed the Renegade Method™ through her work with patients in over two decades of clinical work. In addition to her work in clinical medicine, she has studied the Eastern traditions of Āyurveda, Yoga, and Tantra and is an award-winning author of 4 books, all of which bridge the mental-physical and Eastern-Western approaches to health, wellness, and spirituality.