The Renegade Method™ is a systematic approach of inquiry into the subconscious mind based on a simple algorithm which strategically aims to access the deepest parts of the brain where limiting and conditioned beliefs are stored. These beliefs are expressed through neuro-hormonal pathways that block the mind from operating to its full capacity of creativity and solution-driven focus. The Renegade Method™ offers a framework where such beliefs can be worked on, effectively bringing about a transformation towards affirmative thinking, and as a result greater personal and professional fulfillment.


Nearly 80% of all the decisions we make are informed by the subconscious mind. It defines the way we think and feel, and the decisions we make as a consequence. Think of an iceberg, most of which lies hidden under the surface. Even when we think we are making wise and logical decisions in our personal or professional life, this is usually not the case. Logic comes from the conscious mind, which is like the tip of the iceberg – its primary function is to give familiar meaning to the subconscious mind’s contents and consequent actions. To be truly empowered and to live an extraordinary life of potential is to question our assumptions and beliefs about ourselves and the world. With The Renegade Method™, we transform the superficial logic of trying to find superficial familiar solutions into a mind that is capable of expansive, creative and innovative thinking.


Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan is a Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine with extensive research and experience in understanding the heart-mind connection. She has published more than a hundred scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals, many of them on the heart-mind connection. Dr. Chinnaiyan speaks on this topic  at international scientific meetings. She developed The Renegade Method™ through her work with patients in over two decades of clinical work.

In addition to her work in clinical medicine, Dr. Chinnaiyan has studied the Eastern traditions of Āyurveda, Yoga and Tantra and is an award-winning author of 4 books, all of which bridge the mental-physical and eastern-western approaches to health, wellness and spirituality.

Her workshops, courses and writings strive to bring these time-honored traditions to modern living in practical ways.


"The Renegade Method™ is about opening ourselves up to what is holding us back and in doing so, we are empowered to uncover the extraordinary life that we are meant to live.

On a long car ride in the mountains of Patagonia, I was reflecting on my life, wondering that if I could remove all the external influences, could I go deeper into what my perception of reality was? As I began to test this method with others, I came to see that in every situation, if they could simply understand the discrepancy between what was happening and their narrative of it, they would immediately arrive at a degree of clarity previously unavailable.

Continuous application of self-inquiry that is at the core of The Renegade Method™ opened me to internal and external shifts I never thought were possible. I discovered opportunities for creativity, personal power, leadership that inspires others, and a greater sense of connection with the world around me.

In my daily clinical practice, I interact with patients, medical professionals, and students on a daily basis. When I see somebody struggling in particular ways, not seeing the greatness of their potential, I want to encourage them to make space for their life and to expand in the ways they want. This has been the driving force for me in my work and why I developed The Renegade Method™."

Dr. Kavitha Chinnaiyan, the Founder of The Renegade Method™


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